Creating value

every day

Our vision is to be the most trusted partner to the creators of tomorrow’s electronics. And our purpose is to bring tomorrow's electronics to life. 

We strive every day to build an extraordinary workplace, create exceptional value for our customers and have a lasting positive impact on our world. These are the key principles that guide our work.

Take a proactive, customer-centric approach

Partnership. It’s how we’ve defined our customer relationships for over 30 years.

As your partner, we make it our business to know yours and to see things from your perspective. The goal is to understand your specific challenges so well that we don’t just systematically solve them – we anticipate them. Whether it’s keeping up with technological advancements, staying ahead of customer demands, managing inventory, or finding that crucial extra percent of efficiency and productivity.

As our partner, you can count on us to be open and transparent. You can expect us to ask the right questions and to share what we know. And you can trust us to always keep our promises. In short, you can depend on us to put your business first and to work tirelessly to keep you competitive – not just today but over the long term.

Ensure purposeful innovation

As we dream up visions of tomorrow, we do so with our customers’ current and future needs always front of mind. Anticipating their needs drives how we innovate and ensures the creation of sustainable, high-quality solutions with long product life cycles – solutions designed around the people who use them. Our strong patent portfolio is a testament to the success of our purposeful innovation process.

Because game-changing ideas emerge only when you dare to test the limits of what’s possible, we foster a culture of innovation that spans across our entire organization. We seek insights from across functions and a diversity of backgrounds. Then we experiment, learn and adapt our solutions – all to keep our customers profitable and technologically relevant over time.

Have a long-term sustainability mindset

We envision a future where advanced electronics make clean, responsible and profitable progress a reality. This is why we invest in innovations that minimize the environmental impact of ours and our customers’ operations. We also continuously explore and share ideas on sustainable developments, as well as collaborate with our partners to drive change. And we stay ahead of the market in terms of compliance and responsible business practices, bringing our customers tangible business value in the form of energy-efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

Because we believe that sustainability comes from within, we nurture a strong internal culture of empowerment. We actively promote an inclusive and healthy work environment by embracing diversity and showing compassion for our colleagues. We will never tolerate illegal and unethical business practices, and we encourage all employees to stand up and speak out should they ever encounter them.

For the sake of our environment, the well-being of society and the continuing success of our customers, there can be no compromise. We will continue to apply our long-term sustainability mindset to secure the seamless delivery of tomorrow’s electronics.

Set the standard for a dynamic, people-centric culture

At Mycronic, we love what we do. And we take every opportunity to enthusiastically collaborate with our customers and colleagues. Because to us, every colleague has a unique insight to share and every customer a unique idea of what’s valuable.

We insist on an open and transparent culture that promotes personal growth and embraces diversity. An environment that nurtures new ideas and encourages innovations that positively impact businesses, society and the planet. As we co-develop new solutions with our customers, we share responsibility for bringing new ideas to life. And if we discover a better path, we act on it and are accountable for the results.