Dispensing, coating and plasma equipment

Mycronic’s jet printing, dispensing, coating and plasma technologies make it possible to solve any dispensing or conformal coating challenge. 

The MY700 is a high speed jetting system capable of 1,000,000 dots per hour and the MYSmart series offers a wide range of specialized dispensing and coating solutions for our global customer base.

Distinct advantages

Each specialized product line offers distinct advantages in their respective fields, in-line dispensing solutions for high volume manufacturing, table-top dispensers for R&D and batched production environments, conformal coating systems ruggedize and protect complex electronics and our safe plasma systems offer >10x throughput compared to traditional vacuum plasma systems.

Some standard features across the range include precision robotics, high-accuracy laser detection systems, automated calibration routines, robust fiducial algorithms, high-speed jetting and more.

Introducing MYSmart series

Full range of inline dispensing solutions

The MYSmart in-line dispensing solutions, proven in the most advanced production environments, offers a wide range of in-line dispense solutions together with a comprehensive portfolio of valve technologies.

  • MYD10: compact general purpose dispenser. Proven in the strictest high volume production environments with thousands installed globally.
  • MYD10i: large format variant of the MYD10 for large board dispense processes
  • MYD10F: dual lane dispenser with internal flipper for two sided dispense applications
  • MYD50: For higher-precision applications such as complex chip packaging, the powerful MYD50 boosts productivity with linear motor motion control.
  • MYD55X: 5-axis precision dispenser for dispensing on 3D surface applications requiring high accuracy and high throughput.

High-speed jet dispensing of adhesives

The MY700 Jet Dispenser is the fastest and most precise jet dispensing platform on the market. Its proven ability to jet a wide range of adhesives, UV materials and epoxies on-the-fly at high speed makes it the perfect solution for random dot applications with speeds up to 1 million dots per hour.

High-performance conformal coating systems

As electronics continually become embedded into an endless variety of products, the need for protecting and ruggedizing them is continuously growing. The need for high-precision conformal coating and industrial dispensing systems is greater than ever before.

Automate complex coating processes, monitor process parameters and switch spray patterns without interruption. The MYC50 gives you powerful, software-driven process controls that ensure years of productivity for even the most complex printed circuit boards.

Plasma surface treatment

The MYSmart plasma surface treatment system is not only cleaner and more versatile than traditional plasma chambers. It also safely ensures significantly faster cleaning speeds with higher yields and improved traceability at atmospheric pressure. This unique and safe plasma technology can yield 10X faster processes compared to vacuum plasma chambers and does not redeposit particle on boards making it 100x cleaner as well.



MYSmart tabletop dispensing

Tabletop dispensing
MYT tabletop series

MYSmart in-line dispensing

In-line dispensing
MYD in-line dispensing series

High speed jet dispening

High-speed jet dispensing
MY700 jet dispenser

MYSmart conformal coating Conformal coating
MYC coating series
MYSmart plasma treatment

Plasma treatment
MYS plasma treatment series